The first month of a Brazilian intern in Japan / ブラジル人インターンの最初の1ヶ月

Hello, my name is Lucas, I am a 25 year old and I am a Brazilian that will be living in Japan for the next few months.
Before coming to Japan I was a Junior backend developer (Node.js) in Brazil.
Currently, I’m a full stack intern working at ShareWis in Osaka.
Before I came to Japan I just had professional experience as a backend developer with JavaScript (Node.js) and automation tests with JavaScript on Postman API, but I tried to use Ruby as much as I could when I was developing something (mainly my graduation thesis) since I really like it. Besides it, I also didn’t have any professional frontend experience. Even though I applied for ShareWis’s internship opportunity, and to be honest it was the best thing I’ve did. To quite my stable job as a developer at my previous company and take the risk to live an experience as a full stack developer intern at (literally) the opposite side of the world.
I can say it because of 3 main reasons:

  1. I’m having the opportunity to live abroad
  2. I’m being able to work with Ruby (and other technologies)
  3. I’m having the amazing experience to work at ShareWis

Living Abroad

One thing that I really wanted to do was to have the experience to live abroad, not just to go visit another country for one month as a tourist but to really have the experience to live/be (at least a little) part of the society in another country.

Be able to work with a technology I like (Ruby)

Another point that I was also striving for was to work with Ruby, which is a programming language that I really like, so I was searching for some Ruby Developer opportunities…

The amazing experience to work at ShareWis

Last but not least important, is the opportunity to work at ShareWis.
My first month working at ShareWis was incredible. I started to work there on Apr 10th (Wednesday), and in my first day, everyone from Tokyo and Osaka was really welcoming to me (I even had a Welcoming Party, and it was amazing!). Besides it, there are two people that are being really important to my experience.
One is Tsujikawa-san (CEO) he is a great leader, open-minded and open to listen to feedback about the tasks, etc, and also, he is always trying to help us and to facilitate our development process to deliver our product at best.
The second person is Phát-san (Software Engineer), Phát-san is really helpful and is always available to teach me or to discuss implementations or ways to improve our code deliveries.
To work at ShareWis have a lot of benefits, for example:
ShareWis have the culture of investing on their professionals, and because of that, I had the amazing opportunity to go to RubyKaigi (This year it was held in Fukuoka) on my second week of work. The company is also always available to invest in your professional growth.
ShareWis Members at RubyKaigi 2019
Other points which makes me say that ShareWis is an amazing place to work at, are the chances to work on a product so there is always something new or challenging to develop in order to improve the different products of the company, not even saying the freedom to create or improve the project the way you think is the best.
During this first month I had some challenges with my new job but I was fully supported and definitely it was crucial to make me able to deliver the tasks that were given to me, for sure I’ll have much more challenges during the next months and I’ll also grow because of it, and I’ll write a new article telling about it!
ShareWis is growing and impacting EdTech in Japan and other countries and I want to grow along with them.