Living and Working in Japan / 日本での生活と仕事について

My name is Phát, come from Vietnam, working as a software engineer in ShareWis – an education technology company whose headquarter is in Osaka, Japan. In this post, I’d like to share my living and working experience in Japan in recent months, with no Japanese. It may seem like a fool’s errand, but, yes, you can make it.

Start working in Japan

I started working for ShareWis and moved to Japan in July 2018. ShareWis Inc. has sponsored the work-visa and it took me 6 months waiting for the process. This is the first time I’ve been living and working abroad, so I was a bit eager. Moving to another country, especially from a developing country like Vietnam to a developed country like Japan make me experienced a culture shock and faced some difficulties due to the language barriers. However, thanks to my CEO, Tsujikawa-san, he was very helpful, though, in getting me settled with new life in Japan. He helped me rent an apartment, connect with gas, electricity suppliers, get a mobile phone, and open a bank account, etc.
These are all basic things you need to start living comfortably in Japan. With a person who tends to be a minimalist, it’s enough to start with. Then, I just focus on working in the office and start exploring Osaka, and the Kansai region on the weekends.

Life in Japan

Japan is an amazing country with a distinctive culture and unique traditions, lots of things waiting for you to explore. The most impressive things with me are Japanese cuisine, clean and peaceful streets, full of beautiful spots and convenience, always on-time public transportation. I love hiking, that’s why I go hiking almost every weekend. Although Osaka is busy and crowded with lots of shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, etc in downtown, it’s surrounded by many natural scenes, mountains and you can reach them easily by taking the trains or buses, not mention Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, which next to Osaka. So in my opinion, Osaka is one of the best cities to live in Japan. In the future, when I have chances, I could go further to discover other regions of Japan. I could be in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Okinawa, or Hokkaido one day.

Work in Japan

About Works, as the main software engineer in ShareWis, I’m in charge of developing ShareWis Web. We have implemented and updated many features in a short amount of time, and still have lots of features waiting to do. Work for a start-up like ShareWis, itself, is challenging, but you can learn and improve a lot. ShareWis also has a good working environment, and somewhat flexible: I worked remotely in Vietnam for a few weeks. The company doesn’t require you have to be present in the office all the time, as long as you can get the jobs done. It’s a rare case in Japanese working culture in general, so I felt I’m lucky to work for ShareWis. We are in need of teammates, who will work together to improve our products. If you are interested to join, kindly check any opportunities here (ShareWis Company Website: Recruiting page). Don’t worry about Visa (we can sponsor that) or Japanese language skill (same as me, we can collaborate by English). (Phát)