Six months of living in Japan and Working at ShareWis

In my first article ( ), 4 months ago I shared a little bit about my first month as an Intern here in Japan.
In this article, I’ll share a little bit more of my experience for my conclusion of 6 months internship.
Final presentation at ShareWis with AIESEC folks

Thank you

First of all, I would like to Thank AIESEC ( ) and the Local Committee of the Kwansei Gakuin University for making this internship possible, being the bridge between me and ShareWis, more specific Inoue Kanon for contacting me about the opportunity, and the most important person during this experience, Sako Azusa, that for the Six Months of my Internship, she was my EP Manager (Exchange Participant Manager) and supported me so much every time I needed. So Thank you so much for all the support and experiences you helped me to live in Japan.
And last, but not least important, a huge thanks to Phat-san that during those 6 months supported and guided me through my internship experience being patient and teaching me about the project.

The different opportunities I had at ShareWis

During my internship, I was able to work on different fronts of the development area, like Back End and Front End on the main project, helping managing some Amazon’s VPS and on developing some functions to Lambda Servers.
I enjoyed those experiences, because, sometimes it was pretty challenging, as I’d never had the opportunity to work with it before.
This kind of challenge and being able to try new things always motivates me.
Lucas-san AIESEC internship final presentation picture

The benefits of doing my internship at ShareWis

As ShareWis have their product, this gives us developers great freedom and autonomy during our work, moreover, everyone from the company is welcoming and have a global mindset, that makes it even better to work there!
Finally, as I shared previously, ShareWis is growing and impacting EdTech in Japan and other countries and those past 6 months made it even more clear for me.
So I would like to thank Tsujikawa-san for letting me be part of those past 6 months company’s history, and also trusting and allowing me to even after the internship, to keep growing along with the company.
これからも よろしく お願いします。